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For many years I battled with complex allergies and felt deprived of sweets and foods that I love.  I started playing around with different combinations and found my talent to cook and bake the most amazing mouth watering vegan gluten-free delicious treats.

My name is Cheryl.  Being vegan gluten-free no longer means going without treats and sweets.  My home-based business is located in Long Beach, CA

For many years friends and family, with and without allergies, have enjoyed my foods and desserts. Many without even noticing the difference when I bake vegan and gluten-free.  Over the years, I have been asked over many occasions if any of my savories and treats were for sale. I’m thrilled to be able to share my love of baking with you.

What We Do

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We deliver to your location. Please schedule an appointment for a tasting!


We are a vendor to the Long Beach Creamery, Pie Bar, and are always looking to expand. We love supporting local businesses. If you are interested in a vegan, gluten-free supplier, please inquire below! :}


Up to 8 miles = $5
8 – 16 miles = $15
16 – 24 miles = $25
24 & above (Call to inquire)

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